"Vital" is the name for our youth ministry, and it refers to that which is absolutely necessary or important - that which is essential to life. Jesus is "the life" (John 14:6) and Jesus gives "abundant life" (John 10:10).

Our youth ministry is led by Adam Tibbs, Associate Pastor of Youth & Worship.

Adam Tibbs

The ultimate aim of our youth ministries is to help students and parents grow into the life that Jesus offers. We seek to do that through large group meetings/events, small group meetings/events, and personal relationships.

Groups for senior high and junior high students meet at the Glenwood Middle School on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:15 pm as part of Campus Life.  Students enjoy socializing, food, Bible lessons, and games. Students wrap up the evening in breakout groups where they can discuss together how the message from the Bible applies to their personal lives.

"Vital" also provides practical Bible classes on Sunday mornings. We are also putting together home groups where students can study together and discuss what's on their hearts. Adam will provide the group material and discussion questions. One-to-one mentor relationships are also available for students to guide them through the issues of everyday life.

Three levels of our youth ministry:

Introduction:  This level involves networking with Campus Life on Wednesday nights to enable students to meet Jesus by hearing the gospel.

Information:  This level involves home groups through the week and Bible classes on Sunday mornings where students can learn deeper truth from the Bible. Home groups provide an atmosphere that is both safe and welcoming and where students can wrestle with probing questions about the Word.

Application:  This level involves mentoring relationships with students to help them to live out God's truth for their lives.

 Campus Life middle schoolDodge ball studs

Christmas teens

Our Youth Leadership Team for 2014-2015:

Wednesday night leaders

Here's a few photos from Wednesday night action:

Guys groupGals group